Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Feedbacks for the FS45-001

Dope ass beats with heavy Funk flavor. Nice one!
Ancient Astronauts (Switchstance Recordings)

Incredible cool debut release!
Respect for “Low Life“ with it’s slow soul groove, a perfect start for any prime-time set!
Can’t wait for it…
Dusty (Jazz&Milk Recordings)

Perfect transitional record for my DJ sets, bridging the gap between Hip-Hop & Heavy Funk.
Hard drums, funky piano licks, dope bass, cool sax with a few raw vocal drops thrown into the mix for good measure (what more do you want?), nicely structured into a great dance floor party record.
Right on indeed fellas, good work & more like this please.
Beathovan (Puma Strut)

Limited funk nuggets for funk diggers!
“Low Life “ sounds like a movie monster creeping out from its muddy bath growling its horns as it steers toward you arms wide apart, dragging its clumsy feet to the low slung gritty guitar. .
”Right On” is an irresistible chugging head nodding groove that just won’t go away and will stay with you for weeks!
Smoove (Jalapeno/Wack Records)

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