Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Soul Grabber - Volume 1

Hey you soul hunters,
to tide you over until our next 45 is ready, you can download the "Soul Grabber - Volume 1" mix. Listen to some of the good old stuff, some (hopefully) unknown, some rare and some classic tracks.

Soul Grabber - Volume 1

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Mr. Confuse @ La Nuit De Phonque

Mr. Confuse @ La Nuit De Phonque

Mr. Confuse @ Soulseduction Worldwide

Flyer attack!

Feedbacks for the FS45-001

Dope ass beats with heavy Funk flavor. Nice one!
Ancient Astronauts (Switchstance Recordings)

Incredible cool debut release!
Respect for “Low Life“ with it’s slow soul groove, a perfect start for any prime-time set!
Can’t wait for it…
Dusty (Jazz&Milk Recordings)

Perfect transitional record for my DJ sets, bridging the gap between Hip-Hop & Heavy Funk.
Hard drums, funky piano licks, dope bass, cool sax with a few raw vocal drops thrown into the mix for good measure (what more do you want?), nicely structured into a great dance floor party record.
Right on indeed fellas, good work & more like this please.
Beathovan (Puma Strut)

Limited funk nuggets for funk diggers!
“Low Life “ sounds like a movie monster creeping out from its muddy bath growling its horns as it steers toward you arms wide apart, dragging its clumsy feet to the low slung gritty guitar. .
”Right On” is an irresistible chugging head nodding groove that just won’t go away and will stay with you for weeks!
Smoove (Jalapeno/Wack Records)

FS45-001 out now!

FS45-001 Mr. Confuse "Right On / Low Life" (7") OUT NOW!

We're happy to let you know, that the first FS45 single has been released in late november 2008, available in all good record stores around the globe!

A-Side: Mr. Confuse "Right On"

B-Side: Mr. Confuse "Low Life"

We received great feedbacks so far, so right on!

Next single is scheduled for 2009, so watch out for this!